Husqvarna 440 Chainsaw Review [Best work Efficient ]

There is a lot of chainsaw in the market. Many brands produce chainsaws in different models. They all have different specifications. So, buying a chainsaw can be quite confusing. Today, we are going to talk about Husqvarna 440 chainsaw. It is a mid-range chainsaw. Which means you can use this chainsaw for light to medium work. Husqvarna 440 is well known among the clients for its quality. This is one of the famous cutting tools for medium sorts of work. In this article, we are going to introduce you to all the details of the Husqvarna 440 chainsaw review.

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Husqvarna 440 Product Specification

Husqvarna 440 Chainsaw Review with details ​

Easy to carry

While using Husqvarna 440, you don’t need to worry about its weight. It’s only 15.1 pounds in weight. The package dimensions of this machine are 18.4 x 12.3 x 11 inches. Actually, 15.1 pounds is the ideal weight to use. It is neither too light nor excessively heavy in weight. Even, ladies can use this machine comfortably. This machine is truly convenient and simple to haul around the yard. While working, you can easily move around with this saw. Even if you are going to use this saw professionally, there is nothing to stress about. You can basically convey the saw to your work environment, without any problem.

Also, this machine does not need a lot of space to store. You can consider keeping this saw in your carport, without any extra hassle. This saw is really noteworthy in terms of mid-level works. Sometimes, you might have to work outside your home with this saw. You will face no stress as it is very lightweight. You could move this machine more often and work comfortably and precisely. This will help you to become more precise in your work.

Strong for heavy use

This machine bears a 40.9 cc 2 stroke x-Torq engine with 2.4 HP power output. Which makes this chainsaw very powerful. It accompanies 16” – 0.325” pitch/0.050” chain. This chainsaw may not have the most impressive engine and motor. However together, they are extremely amazing for carrying out the responsibilities they are intended to do.

At first, you have to know that this chainsaw is not made for heavy jobs. You can only use this chainsaw for small or medium level works. For instance, you can cut down small trees or the branches of enormous trees or the trees which are not too big. For doing these kinds of works, this machine is very powerful. Husqvarna has made this saw for amateur and expert level workers who need a powerful saw for medium-level works. It works tremendously. It can do its activity impeccably. People love this machine because of its powerful presence in its sector.

X-Torq Engine

Like other Husqvarna chainsaws, this 440 chainsaw is also built with a 40.9 cc 2 stroke X-Torq technology engine. There are many advantages to this X-Torq technology. This technology is pragmatic and compelling. X-Torq technology helps the engine of this machine to become eco-friendly and lessens the poisonous exhaust creation. Thus, this machine spares your fuel cost and helps you to keep your earth fresh.

With this X-Torq innovation, you can easily turn on the engine of this machine quickly. The vast majority of the chainsaws need a couple of pulls to begin. But to start this chainsaw, you just need 2 pulls, most noteworthy. It’s an incredible bit of leeway for a saw since beginning a saw can be extremely intense some of the time. In any case, the X-Torq innovation is furnished with a quit controlling framework that guarantees the wellbeing of the motor and lessens the danger of oil flooding of the motor. Therefore, the motor keeps going longer than other normal cutting machines.


We should concede that this saw is very easy to use. Because of its less weight and conservative size, you can easily move the saw while working. You have to remind that, bigger is not always better. If you use bigger saws while doing small or moderate work, it will hamper you. So, you should choose saw according to your level of work.

Also, this machine is made for your comfort during work. This machine also comes with a low vibration feature. It will help you to get a more precise cut during your work. This saw is actually made to do things more comfortably and precisely. There are many chainsaws that are very difficult to crank. But you don’t have to worry much cranking this chainsaw. It is very simple.

Easy to Handle

You may find it difficult to deal with bigger size chain saws. It’s awkward as well. And if you are not expert of this machine, then it is actually a major disservice. But you don’t need to think about this model. Because it is quite easy to operate. This product is compact size and less weight, you will find it comfortable to use. This model is produced while thinking about a wide range of users. Trust me, you will not face any hassles using this machine. You can operate this model easily even if you are not a regular chain saw user.

Safe And Sound

While using a chainsaw, you should be concerned about safety. Because if you are not conscious while working, a simple mishap can cost you much. That’s why this machine isn’t avoided by security. It is designed for your safety. This model decrease unwanted kickbacks, that’s how it is planned. What’s more, due to this safety mark, you can utilize the saw all the more openly, with no sort of stress of undesirable events.
Fundamentally, this is really a significant component that encourages the client to be more secure. Furthermore, the safety thing is installed properly in this Husqvarna chainsaw. Along these lines, you don’t have to stress over it.

Simple Maintenance

debris that flies around. The air admission of it gets brimming with flying trash. What’s more, it is hard to clean the machine due to the trash. If you want this saw to perform well, then you must keep it clean. But in case of Husqvarna 440 model, you don’t have to bother much.
Because it has a great feature that gets a ton of flying garbage before getting trapped noticeable all around the admission.

Subsequently, the air admission of the saw gets less grimy and simple to keep up. This component. Nonetheless, cleaning the garbage from the saw is exceptionally simple. You can clean them with only a snap. But you have to look after the chainsaw to keep up its good performance. And you can do it without any problem.

Husqvarna 440 vs 435

Husqvarna 440 and Husqvarna 435 are two famous models of Husqvarna chainsaws. They are quite the same, but they have some differences. To choose the best out of both, we will compare some of their features.

Chain Size:

The chain size of Husqvarna 435 is 16 inches. And the 440 model has an 18-inch chain. 18-inch is better because you can easily cut small trees or branches of big trees with it.

Power Output:

The chain size of Husqvarna 435 is 16 inches. And the 440 model has an 18-inch chain. 18-inch is better because you can easily cut small trees or branches of big trees with it.

Fuel Usage:

The Husqvarna 440 model chainsaw consume less fuel than the 435 models while creating more power. This spec keeps the 440 model way ahead. 435 model consumes 652g/kw per hour, and 440 consumes 513 g/kw per hour.

Pros of Husqvarna 440

cons of Husqvarna 440

Pros of Husqvarna 435

cons of Husqvarna 435

So comparing both Husqvarna 440 and 435, we can say that if you are looking for a powerful machine that consumes less fuel, then you should probably go for Husqvarna 440 chainsaw.

Does Husqvarna 440 have any warranty?

Yeah, this chainsaw accompanies a 90-day official guarantee. It additionally offers a 2-years restricted warranty

Does this model accompany the included chain, or I have to get it individually?

A connected chain to the bar is accompanied by a 440 model chainsaw by the company. So you don’t have to purchase the chain on your own.

Is this model capable enough to chop down big trees?

You should know that this 440 chainsaw model is designed for small to mid-level works. With this chainsaw, you can cut down little trees or the parts of enormous trees. You can cut little trees or cut the parts of enormous trees. Maybe you can cut big trees too, but you won’t be too comfortable with it. If you want to cut down big trees, I would suggest you use a more powerful chainsaw. This model is not worth it.

Does it accompany an included case?

You won’t get any carrying case for the chainsaw with it. If you want any carrying case, you can buy it from the store. It is better to use a case.

Conclusion of Husqvarna 440 Chainsaw Review

every time you will get what you pay. With the price of $300, Husqvarna 440 chainsaw is a powerful and enduring machine. This will be not fair if you ask for more at this budget. You can comfortably use this chainsaw for light woodworks. But if looking to do heavy work, then this chainsaw can’t serve you. This model is mainstream and easy to use.

This Husqvarna 440 saw is genuinely noteworthy and an incredible expansion to the family power instruments’ assortment. It offers excellent assistance, and this model merits speculation. This Husqvarna 440 saw is genuinely impressive and a remarkable increase to the family power instruments’ assortment. It offers excellent assistance, and this model merits speculation. This chainsaw for Husqvarna is great for non-professional users. This model provides you amazing features with excellent performance. For light use, I would recommend this chainsaw.and this is the end of the Husqvarna 440 Chainsaw Review. hope you like this article .also do not forget to check out our other articles

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