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Do you hear an annoying clicking noise whenever you are turning your car lately? Are the vehicle’s shafts vibrating excessively while on the road? It seems like it is high time you should change your old CV axles.But not all CV axles in the market are up to the mark. Without a good idea of their features, it can be difficult to judge their capacities. Don’t worry; we are here to help you.Just go through this article and discover our analysis. We worked hard and enlisted five best Cardone Cv axle reviews descriptions to make your quest more manageable

Top list of Cardone Cv Axle Reviews

Cardone Company is well-reputed for its design of outstanding, high-tech vehicle parts like brakes, CV axles, electrical motors, etc. They are known for creating superior level Constant Velocity (CV) axles. They are implementing their years of continuous research and making some quality products.

If you drive a GM 4WD truck or an SUV and are searching for replacements for your front drive axles, then this axle is the perfect choice for your transport. Even if you don’t drive these vehicles, you can take a test to check if it will fit your carrier easily. 

Cardone 66-1009 New CV Constant Velocity Drive Axle Shaft is the epitome of a quality product made of extreme care. Also, This product is one of the reliable development of our Cardone Cv Axle Reviews. You can understand it just by looking at it. Besides, the manufacturers have paid great attention to these product’s material selection and performance quality checking. To ensure that the axles meet OE form with a high level of fitness and function ability, they are produced through proprietary engineering processes. And that’s not all.

During its production phase, each Cardone CV axle goes through multiple inspections to sustain quality. And if you think that it stops after its production, then you are wrong. Every one of these drive axles individually verified after its making. Their enthusiasm for delivering perfect products is awe-inspiring indeed.



Another product worthy of being mentioned in this tiny list is Cardone 66-7055 New CV Constant Velocity Drive Axle. Like the product reviewed just above, this CV drive axle is made of only the best materials and with the best care.

This axle is very easy to use and install. Even if it is your first time using this product, or installing a CV axle in your car in general, you have nothing to fear of.The procedure is effortless and straightforward. Just open the installation manual and match the parts with it. Then use the supplied axle retaining nuts to attach it.

Follow the guidelines carefully, and you should have no problem. If you still feel confused, there are videos available on the internet depicting Cardone 66-7055’s installation procedure. You can also contact the customer service care for help if you need it.



The products selected to be presented in this Cardone CV axle reviews are high-quality products capable of outstanding performance. The Cardone 66-5235 New CV Constant Velocity Drive Axle Shaft is no different in this regard.One of the proudest additions of the CV axles produced by Cardone is the modified boots. Their materials and designs are of the best you can get in the market.

We all know that as long as the CV joint boot of the CV axle remains undamaged, it can be used. To ensure that you will not need to change CV axles frequently, this company has put their all in designing the perfect boots for their CV axles.

Cardone 66-5235’s boots are made of high-quality Neoprene, which is designed with additional bellows. These additional bellows help the CV axle in resisting bellow stress. Then these boots are filled up with high-quality grease capable of enduring high-temperature to ensure long-lasting performance.

This is very important because higher stress can cause the boots to crack up easily, and the more they crack, the more the grease will leak out. And we can’t have that, because this ultimately causes the entire product to damage and failure.



Your new CV drive axle is made of high-quality materials. Excellent! We can say this is the ultimate design with a Wonderful look! Sadly, it does not fit well. What a bummer!

Well, you won’t have this issue this time. You can see that you will determine if the device will fit your transport from the Cardone website’s vehicle compatibility test from the previous discussions.

What’s more, to avoid any fitting issues, Cardone 66-1345 New CV Constant Velocity Drive Axle Shaft’s measurements are tested after assembly. Its precision rolled threads and transmission seal will ensure a long-lasting proper fitting and sealing when installing it.

Also, to make sure that the product will clamp well, its boot-clamps are crimped pneumatically. This method ensures that the boot and the housing will seal correctly. Meaning? No fear of leakage.



Finally, in our limited list of Cardone CV axle products is Cardone 66-5260 New CV Constant Velocity Drive Axle. You know, this product is quite different from the other four products mentioned above.This is the last one from the list of Cardone Cv Axle Reviews

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the product is lacking in any sense. The device’s materials, design, etc. are pretty similar to the other Cardone CV axles.

Are you wondering why we say that it is different? Because unlike the past four products, it comes with an additional feature called the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) ring. This 48-toothed ABS Ring installed in the axle works to prevent slipping or skidding in sudden braking cases.

This is a security measure installed in modern vehicles to minimize accidents. This means that you will get to enjoy another added safety measure without needing extra money for a different ABS.



Final verdict

Inserting high-quality CV axles is essential, not only for a long-lasting use but also for preventing potential accidents. After all, they link the engine with the wheel. Their main job is to transfer the torque from the transmission to the wheels.

If the CV axle snaps due to damage by any chance, you can imagine what a disaster that will be. That’s why you should choose the best CV axles available in the market. Hopefully, this article on the Cardone CV Axle Reviews will help you find the best CV axle most suitable for your beloved transport.also you can check out our other automotive-related article like Best power inverters for trucks as well as another article also.

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