Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp – New Untold Story

Himalayan salt lights are embellishing lights that you may purchase for your home. They are sculpted from pink Himalayan salt and believed to have various health benefits. Also, they produce a soft, soothing light that everyone loves to have in their home. Himalayan salt lamps are salt blocks crafted from the salt mines of the Himalayan region. These salt mines stand at the Himalayan Mountain foot and are known to have an age of millions.That’s why today we discuss about Benefits of himalayan salt lamp.

Besides, the salt mines evaporated sea deposits millions of years ago. Himalayan salt lights usually made by putting a light inside a large chunk of Himalayan pink salt. They have a distinctive look, and when lit, they emit a soft, pink glow.

Genuine Himalayan salt lamps come out of the salts. You will find them in the salt mines of Pakistan. Sometimes the salt block is cut and sliced to give different shapes. Moreover, the neighborhood is hollowed from the middle where a card-shaped electric bulb is mounted. On the other hand, artificial lamps are also available. The commercially produced air ionizers become the raw materials for these.

These beautiful salt lamps offer enormous benefits to human health. Besides, they will undoubtedly be a positive addition to your lifestyle. There are many benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, yet we heard many Himalayan salt lamps hoaxes.

Want to know more? Here are the pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamps in the following section

Pros of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Based on our Himalayan salt lamp benefits research, we have listed several benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. Since the Himalayan salt lamp is hygroscopic, it absorbs humidity. They draw moisture from the atmosphere around them. Below we will discuss the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps in detail.

They Improve Air Quality

In Ayurveda, the Himalayan salt lamps are a familiar name due to their quality of attracting and absorbing moisture. This quality is considered helpful to people with allergies and asthma, plus diseases affecting respiratory function, like cystic fibrosis. The nearness of salt noticeable all around is said to help people with chronic respiratory problems as well.

They Neutralize the Electromagnetic Radiations:

Our houses are bursting with electronic gadgets, and these gadgets emit radiation from the electromagnetic devices. And those electromagnetic radiations cause too many positive ions to accumulate. Prolonged exposure to these positive ions causes severe health problems that include elevated levels of stress, weakened immune systems, and fatigue.
The Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions when placed in such environments. These ions neutralize the excess positive ions and ensure a healthy living environment.

Brings Down Stress Levels

As mentioned above, by releasing negative ions, the salt lamps balance the environment’s positive ions. Most of the time, you feel stressed out because of the high presence of positive ions.
Places near the mountains and seaside resorts are free of positive ions, that’s why you feel so good. The salt lamp in your home may produce the same effect for you. Be prepared to experience mood improvement and unblocked flow of energy.

Improves Sleep Patterns & Concentration

These beautiful lamps may keep environmental stress and pollutant-free while offering warm light. These are essential for good sleep. Lower stress levels and good night’s sleep help significantly in increasing focus and enhancing daytime performance.

Salt Therapy at Home

Such lamps also aid you in getting in-house salt therapy. Now you don’t have to go to salt therapy spas or salt rooms cause you can create such a relaxing environment in your home with the Himalayan salt lamps. The aromatherapy salt lamp works as an air diffuser and produces an aromatic atmosphere around. This ambiance is efficient in calming your senses.

They Can Help You Sleep

The studies have not confirmed the Himalayan salt lamp effects on sleep patterns. But we may use the Himalayan salt lamp as dim light. If you replace bright electric lights with these pretty lamps, it may ensure a good night’s sleep at the end of the day.

They Are Beautiful Decors

The salt lamps of the Himalayas come in all sizes and shapes. That could be used as a great home decor pick. You may place them anywhere like the patio, bedrooms, et to boost the interior beauty of your house. We can assure you that these lamps are going to be a perfect piece of decor. Their rustic appearance blends well with almost all kinds of interior styles.

Cons of Himalayan Salt Lamps

It is essential to talk about the disadvantages of the Himalayan salt lamps, after knowing the salt lamp pros. Because of these lamps, you may need to be ready to handle the problems and avoid any mishaps around your home. Now we are going to discuss the Himalayan salt lamp warnings below.

They Are Heavy

The salt lamps are mad solid salt blocks. Therefore, they are heavy. If you’re planning to buy a large size, be ready to handle its weight. Also, you have to be extra careful with children and pets. They may hurt themselves if the lamp falls.

They Are Fragile

The entire lamp is full of salt, and that makes it vulnerable. If the lamp falls or gets hit by anything, it will quickly get damaged. This kind of damage leaves an irreversible loss that will make unfit for further use. Yet, by taking proper care, you can make it last for years.

Sweating & Leaking

Almost all users face this problem. The salt lamps are hygroscopic, which allows them to absorb moisture. The excess humidity then leaks through the lamp, mostly from the base, and it can ruin the surface around it. You have to choose a better place where this issue may not occur or always keep the lamps Electrically switched ON, which will increase your bills a lot.

Too Many Fake Products

The market is now full of tons of fake Himalayan salt lamps that come under a low price. So it will be wise to purchase these lamps only from authentic sellers. You should do your research to identify the real or fake ones and stay away from the salt lamp dangers.
Some sellers are advertising and offering White Himalayan salt lamps at reasonable prices. They do exist, yet they are rare. Because of its rarity, it is quite pricier than others. If you find any white lamps which come with a price less than the price of a pink or orange one, there should be no doubt that it is a fake one.

Salt Lamp Bulbs Are a Problem

The bulbs of such things stay in the center; thus, they are quite exposing. Moreover, they may get fused easily due to the excessive weeping of the salt lamp.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

If you think scientifically, you will find no proven facts of Himalayan salt lamps. Some people do believe they improve the air quality and enhance the mood, yet there is no substantial evidence of this fact. However, these are pretty, and they may boost your mood with their soft, soothing looks.

work with Air ionization

The study found that treatments with high-intensity negative ions can reduce chronic depression and seasonal affective disorder. Logical examinations on the limit of Himalayan salt lights to produce negative ions are not available.
The few ions, if any, that the salt lamp emits differ from that of the negative air ion machines. There is also no evidence of the same effects the salt lamps have on SAD and chronic depression.

work with Air purification

Indoor air contamination is one of the best five well being dangers of the world. The poor air quality of indoors can cause serious health problems, especially for children. Several Himalayan salt lamp companies claim that their lamps with negative ions can help remove dust and pollutants from the air. They also claim that these ions will eliminate dust mites and purify the air.

But such heavy-duty air-cleaning requires a very high powered ion generator. A salt lamp with a Himalayan crystal probably won’t work as their manufacturer claim to be. It does not put off enough negative ions to help delete particulates from the air. The salt lamp can clear toxins; you won’t find any verified information on this fact either.

There is an alternative if you want to cleanse the air with negative ions. Many commercial ionization machines are available to produce high-density negative ions and maintain good air quality at home.

Final Thoughts about Benefits of himalayan salt lamp

Now you are well aware of the Himalayan salt lamp warnings and their benefits. Detoxifying rooms, improving health conditions may be such claims that are not true. But there is nothing wrong with Himalayan salt lamps if you use them as lit candles. They are lovely and mitigating to take a gander at, so on the off chance that you can choose them, also you can add them to your house decoration. By avoiding the risks, you can easily use these lamps and create a lovely romantic ambiance in your place.

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